My boyfriend and I just bought an Australian Cattle Dog puppy a week ago from a lady who rescues animals. He has his first 2 sets up puppy shots, and in the second set it includes that his distemper shots. For the last couple of days he has been dry coughing and gagging. My father said it sounds like kennel cough. I Wikipedia’d kennel cough, and he has all of the symptoms. It is said that it’s caused by the viral infection such as canine distemper, and Bortadella. He’s gotten his distemper and his Bortadella… I read that it’s cured by antibiotics.

My boyfriend and I do not have 500+ dollars to take him to a local vet in our area. I was wondering if there was a type of antibiotic that we can purchase over the counter at a pet store, or if people antibiotics would hurt him in small doses?

Please help.

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