my foster puppy has contracted kennel cough from the shelter where i work at and has brought it into my home. i would like to know what "at home" treatments i could use on her, other than childrens cough syrup?

ps. before you say "take her back to the shelter and make them deal with it", ive had this puppy in my house for a few weeks now and couldnt do that to her, especially since they more than likely would not do anything about it anyways. at the most they would probably give her childrens cough syrup…and i can do that.
she is the shelters puppy, not my puppy, and if anything i would take her back to them before taking her to a vet. that stuff has to be okay-ed when you are a "foster parent" and like i said they probably wouldnt do anything about it besides give her childrens cough syrup. she is not my dog, so do not go into that "if you cant take care of her you should rethink having her". please that sh!t gets so old, i just took my cat in for a tail removal surgery, which was not cheap, so give it up. i opened my home to this puppy because when she came into the shelter she was too young to be there, so instead of letting her sit in a cage in quaratine for 2 weeks until she was old enough to be put up front, i took her, so i could socialize her and work on potty training. i bet bad for the poor lil thing.

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