I adopted a boston terrier mix from the shelter a week ago and she was supposed to be cured from kennel cough a month ago. Turns out shes not! Both my other dogs are now coughing and my friends dog that she played with is coughing. My boyfriends grandmas dog is coughing. My aunts dog is coughing and she played with them all. My dogs had their vaccines and so did my boyfriends grandmas but they still got it. My 3, including the shelter one is now on medication. My boyfriends grandmas dog is very bad but her daughter who works at a vet as an accounts receiving told her not to get medication for the dog because she had her vaccination and the virus will naturally work its self out. She had her bordatella vaccine last july. so basically what im asking is does the virus naturally work its self out if the dog has been vaccinated?
What happens if a vaccinated dog is not treated? Will the virus go away on its own? My dogs are on antibiotics percribed by my vet but my boyfriends grandmas dog is not on anything.

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