I have been looking for a shelter dog. There are certain qualities that I want in the dog. I have found the dog that seems to be the one except he is coughing. The shelter says that they have been having a lot of kennal cough in the area and that he is being treated for it. I will be returning to a remote village in alska and vetranary care is not easily available.
Does anybody have experience with treating a dog with Kenel cough? Is there continuing problems after treatment ? would the fact that the dog has kenel cough be a reason to keep looking for the right dog? Im not sure what the impact of kennel cough is on a long term basis. Thanks in advance
Thanks for your answers. Right now the shelter is giving him antibiotics and treating him. They want to watch him for a few more days and then will have a better idea about his health. The shelter is treating him and wants to make sure that he is healthy. before his flight to the village. I will be yaking him home in a few days. Thanks for your answwers!!

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