I recently adopted a dog from an animal shelter. He has been vaccinated, including his Bordetella, but they warned me that there was a chance he could have picked up kennel cough while there despite being vaccinated.

Well, I think he picked it up. He’s been having spells of couching and dry hacking, even in the night… poor guy wakes up and starts hacking for 5 minutes then goes back to sleep.

Other than that he’s doing just fine… eating, drinking and playing like normal. He doesn’t have a fever and isn’t depressed or lethargic. His eyes and nose are clear – no sinus infection.

I did some research on kennel cough and I read that oftentimes when it’s a mild case like his (no signs of sinus infection) you should just let it run its course. Other sites recommended giving a small dose of Robitussin.

Is this true? I don’t mind taking him to a vet, but I don’t want to take time off work and get there and to told to ‘let it run its course’. What do you think?
So far Sonbear makes the most sense to me. Kennel cough comes in bacterial AND viral forms, FYI. And yes, there are TONS of sites recommending Robitussin for mild cases, so I’m not crazy. Thanks for everyone’s suggestions. I’m fairly certain it will clear up on its own like all the sites say, but I’ll probably take him to the vet tomorrow anyway to get some legitimate cough suppressant so my dog and I can both get some sleep at night. For those who think my dog has phenomena, reread what I said earlier about the lack of fever, etc. He definitely doesn’t have phenomena.

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