We have two boxers (6 and 8 years old) and almost 2 weeks ago they were put up in the kennel because we went on vacation. Now they both have a cough. It sounds like they’re trying to hack up something but nothing is coming up. I guess during the day today, my grandma said that they were fine and once I got home from school, and they did their boxer excited wiggle, it started back up again. So it goes away and then comes back every couple of hours.
I heard kennel cough will run it’s course and that it’s just like a human cold but you need to keep an eye on it.

Do you think it’s Kennel Cough? If it doesn’t get better by tomorrow night, I’m taking them to the vet on Friday.

And yes, they have all of their shots and what not.
Yes, they’ve had their Bordatella because they can’t even step foot in the door at their kennel without having one. I don’t think it’s any allergic reaction to anything from the kennel because they have been there hundreds of times.

My girl is a barker and I know she barks A LOT at the kennel because she comes back and doesn’t bark at all. But her voice is back now.

They’re also all caught up with their heartworm medications, I know coughing can be a sign of heart problems.

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