I have 3 Chocolate Labs. The adult male is nine, the adult female is 3 and the male pup is 4 months. They were all around another pup that had been around a dog that had been in a Kennel for a day or two. None of the dogs showed signs of Kennel cough at that time. But the dog that went to the Kennel developed a cough and the other dogs at that home did too. About t weeks later my older male developed a cough and two weeks after that my male pup has started coughing. The dogs are not around any other dogs and are outside dogs. What can be done for the coughing. From what I understand it is an air borne disease from a virus. The vet said they could prescribe anitbiotics, but everyone I’ve talked to says that the dogs get well in about the same amount of time and it doesn’t matter if you give them medicine or not. Any ideas you know of that work. Can my female be prevented from getting it after already being around the other dogs.
All of my dogs have been vaccinated and see the vet regularly. Several of you are recommending to get vaccinated. Is there a some other vaccination that can be given in addition to the regular ones my dogs have always gotter. If so, I will be asking my Vet why he didn’t advise me of this when Kennel Cough was obviously in his Kennel. (That is where my friend’s dog stayed when she got the Kennel Cough)

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