I adopted my 4 month old puppy from the local pound. She was okay for the first few days that we had her, but she was sneezing a lot. After a few days she started coughing instead of sneezing. It’s a really weird cough, almost like she’s about to throw up, but instead white foamy phlegm stuff comes out. She also has a lot of green stuff coming out of her nose, with just a little bit of blood mixed in (i think the blood is just from having all this drainage). I went to the vet and he perscribed her antibiotics. He didn’t say it was kennel cough, but I’ve been looking on the internet and all the symptoms are the same. I know that all I can do is give her her medicine and make sure she doesn’t get worse, but I want to make her as comfortable as possible while she’s sick. Does anyone have any ideas on speeding up the get well process?? or just making her more comfortable while she gets better?? thanks.

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