We have a 9-month-old puppy and we think he has Kennel Cough. We are not completely sure how he may have come in contact with it but he fits all the symptoms. The list of symptoms he has shown (yesterday and today) are: constant sneezing, coughing, gagging, retching (trying to vomit) and a small amount of foam expelled after coughing. These seem to come in spells that only last a few seconds (except for the sneezing which is through out the day). Once the spell is over he goes back to normal activity. He is still eating, drinking and playing as usual. He does seem to be sleeping more then he normally does though.
We are going to call our vet in the morning and see what their opinion is but we are wondering what the treatment will be.
So, if anyone has ever had a puppy or adult dog that was diagnosed with Kennel Cough, could you please detail what the treatment was? I am just curious what he will be in for when we visit the vet’s office.
Thanks in advance.

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