If there is any questions you might have just click the link here www.helpfulguidancefrompatty.info This is min Pin Chihuahua pups with “Kennel Cough”. These “pups” belong to my brother’s momma dog. His dogs got out and were gone for about a week and a half. I had to feed the pups til we found the father and mother dogs. When they were found at the SPCA. Well while the dogs were there they caught “Kennel Cough”. The mother’s milk dried up and well I ended up taking the pups home with me. I thought it would help that way the pups wouldn’t catch the cough too. But I didn’t know all the facts about the “Kennel Cough”. They caught it ,So I took them to the vet and well the Vet said that there isn’t much more they can do. Just give them the antibiotic and the cough medicine will help relieve the pain. Til then it’s all about the wait. I made this so that others can see what happens to the smaller tiny ones. I noticed no one had anything on You tube dealing with the smaller pups. So I thought I should put this up so others can see what to look for in the tiny ones. These are 1 month old also. Still nurse from a human baby bottle but will lap from a bowl. The bottles are easier for them to drink from. Edited for Update: So far the little brown one has passed. Her little heart couldn’t take it and she passed this morning. He is still going and has gotten much much better . He is walking around and eats on his own with no help. The Vet was very impressed with how the puppies were

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