So, about two weeks ago, Brogan was at the vets getting neutered. Exactly a week later, he is coughing and just not enjoying himself. The next day, after I called my vet and got some meds for him, my lab is coughing up a storm, and now has meds as well.
I just feel so terrible for them. Yes, they are up to date on ALL vaccinations-including bordatella. Unfortunately, the bordatella vaccine is like getting a flu shot-it doesn’t COMPLETELY prevent the dog from getting the tracheobronchitis virus. Blahh.
Brogan’s doing better, but Jake is still hacking up a storm =[ He started his meds later, so I’m hoping in a day or two he’ll be doing alright.

Has anyone else had a dog that suffered a bout of kennel cough? It’s just no fun, I feel so miserable for my boys. The medicine makers need to come up with something that actually WORKS (impossible though, considering all the different ‘strands’ of it).
Hope you guys are all doing well.
I know they’ll be fine, I just feel so bad for them. I suspected they would both get it soon enough-in fact I was surprised that Jake hasn’t ever gotten it in the almost-7-social-years of his life.
It just tears me to bits to hear him cough the way he is! Poor thing. Thanks for the shower advice as well-Brogan especially loves laying in the bathroom while I take a shower (though I don’t usually allow it), so I’ll make sure to let them enjoy the next few nights in there with me, haha.
No it wasn’t at a low-cost clinic or shelter clinic-it was at a regular vet’s office-which is a fairly new, high-tech facility.
However, it’s not guaranteed that’s where he got it from. I take both of them nearly everywhere with me, not to mention I work at a dog daycare. I don’t take them with me very often (maybe once a week), but just a day’s exposure or even carrying the virus on myself could have given it to them.

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