I was wondering:
I was informed that if a puppy is found to have Kennel Cough and is treated while in the process of being vaccinated for (example the 8week puppy vaccination) that the treatment for Kennel Cough counters the puppy’s vaccinations and in fact the puppy should be treated for the Kennel Cough and a wait period of 10 day after the vet clears the Kennel Cough only then should the pup receive puppy vaccinations. I wonder if anyone can help clear and verify this info in literature or sites I can research this information. The help is greatly appreciated.
Let’s say the pup was vaccinated and then it was established that she had Kennel Cough and needed antibiotics. Should the pup have been revaccinated as the antibiotic could have offset the vaccinations as vaccinations are virus strains to help the immunity develope resistance?
And if so–is there literature or sites to confirm? Again any directions and information is helpful. Thanks in advance.
If the pup is sick and a vaccination is given does that make them more susceptible to becoming sick simply from the vaccination or other environmental causes? If so is there documentation on this topic?

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