We have a sheltie 12yrs, she had a tooth abscess, we sent her to the vet to have this taken care of. Turned out to have a severe mouth infection, lost several teeth.
On exam it was noted she had a low grade heart murmur, this had never been seen before, including a thorough exam just 8 month prior. We were asked is she showed any signs of coughing, (a sign of heart failure) she did not.

Subsequent to the operation she is now coughing, and doing so more and more. Getting worse daily.

So just kennel cough picked up at the time, or is the murmur caused by infective endocarditis, (infection of a heart valve, leading to heart failure, causing lung fluid and cough)? If it is infective heart problem, my research would suggest the treatment of choice is 3 months on antibiotics, which she has not ben given.

Infective endocarditis would seem to be associated with dental infections, and the coincidental timing of the appearance of the murmur is also suggestive.

On the other hand, dogs do get coughs from kennels and presumably vet visits.

(I’m going to take her to the vet again on Monday, so I’m not really looking for answers of the type: "take her to a vet and see what they say". More looking for ways i can figure out for myself what is going wrong can have added confidence in the vet.

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