I have a Jack russel terrier who just recently contracted Canine Distemper. I have been fostering him for about 1 and 1/2 months now for the Houston SPCA. 3rd day we had him, he had a fever of 102. & Diarrea, but of course he tested negative for Distemper. They gave him some Intestinal antibiotics, which a few days later he started to feel all better. But all of a sudden, he began to hack and gag. which went on, all night. So we took him back for a checkup, which involved having to leave him in the foster room for 1 day, since the vets were out. There was another dog in there however, and this dog was very ill. I didn’t want to leave my dog in there, but I had no choice. Next day, the vets are talking to a lady who’s holding the other dog who’s ill and turns out that dog has distemper & kennel cough. The vet tells me, that nothing seems to be the problem with my dog, but she will call me back for his test results. I didn’t think much of the distemper, because they told me he had gotten vaccinated when he arrived. He came home, and all of a sudden he began to gag like crazy, and spit out phlegm. Monday morning (2 days later) I take him back to see a vet, and to get his test results. They were too busy to get his results, so they just diagnosed him with kennel cough. They gave me antibiotics (Doxycycline liquid) & Cough tablets. which he took the same day. His coughing died down, but his appetite was still low. Few days later, I get a call telling me he has DISTEMPER AND KENNEL COUGH. which just broke my heart. I asked about the CD vaccine he had, but they said he would have been 99% protected if he was vaccinated as a puppy. I asked if there was a cure, and they said no & to just put him down. That night, I looked up tons of websites over the disease and have seen alot of "support therapy" which I have been doing for him. 9 days later, He has gotten sicker but I have no idea if he is improving or not. Does not eat (we have to syringe food in him) He DOES drink, He has rapid breathing (but it seems to have calmed down a lil) , no vomiting, no diarrea, no gagging (only once or twice occationally), he can still walk although he has no energy, whenever he needs to use the rr he’ll wake us up like he’s always have, he shivers, he squints, his nose has been a lil cracked for about 4 days now, the pads of his feet are still soft, he has been taking his antibiotics, and we’ve been giving him VITAMIC C tablets to help his immune system a bit. He still wags his tail at times when we come to him or call him, NO TWITCHING, NO MUSCLE TREMORS, basically NO NEUROLOGICAL symptoms at the moment. He sleeps with a humidifier.

(Sorry for the long post)

My question is, what is his chances of fighting off the disease? He took the antibiotics early, and he has had the distemper vaccine. Now he’s taking vitamic c, and he’s drinking plenty of water still. No neurological symptoms. & we are doing the best we can to fill him up, and give him lots of support.

it’s been 12 days now. How long does the distemper usually effect a canine’s body?

thank you.

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