My dog has always been vaccinated for Bordetella every 6 months as my vet has told me is required. He gets groomed a lot, and they say they won’t do it unless he’s vaccinated. However, the vaccine seems to have no effect on him because he’s gotten kennel cough anyway. I’ve read that the vaccine is only 70% effective on preventing kennel cough, and it only prevents 2 of the 8 causes of the virus. Also, the intranasal vaccine takes 72 hours to give immunity, and the shot takes 2 weeks, so what good does it do for my dog to get the vaccine on the day he is groomed anyway? It won’t prevent him from getting sick since it takes 72 hours to work. I’m irritated that I have to waste my money on this when it doesn’t work for him anyway. Is there any way around this?

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