I just adopted a dog two weeks ago, he showed signs of kennel cough, I noticed at first mucos from his nose, which could have been from the bordetella treatment given. He coughs with uper respiratory breathing affected aswell. But he remains active, eats well… He’s up , he sleeps , he’s up he sleeps… I’m not certain what is normal breathing for the dog, being that I’ve never owned a dog… I took him to the vet the first week, vet couldn’t give me an answer, said it could be pnemonia or a fatal virus of some sort.. He was given clavamox and vitamins.. He also has worms that they gave him shot for and had previously been treated for, during the first week, he did show some temperature that I thought normal for a dog, but as I have read up is not, since given his treatment a week later his cough has gotten a bit better but is still there and his breathing at times is fine and at times not. I’m not so worried about the worms as I am over this cough that might take him to the grave.

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