yesterday I went to see a KC registered chihuahua puppy I put a deposit on.
The puppies looked healthy and the breeder owns 5 chihuahuas (including the dam and sire) at her house.
I was asking her for some advice and I don’t seem to agree with some things she recommended so I want to know if she is wrong

1. She said don’t take the puppy out for a walk until she is 6 months old, and even then only take her to dog parks

2. she said don’t take chihuahuas for walking outside (e.g. on the street) and carry it instead to the park to avoid kennel cough

3. she said the kennel cough vaccine is only effective in 60% of dogs

4. when I asked at what age I should leash train my pup (with a collar or harness) she said neither until the dog is 10-12 months old (isn’t that too late???!!!)

5. She said chihuahuas need little exercise and running around the garden is enough most of the time

What do you think about each of these points?
She will be 12 weeks old when she comes home with me and will have both sets of vaccinations

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