We got our puppy 1 week ago today from a breeder. 2 days ago he developed a sneeze and runny nose, now it’s turned into a cough. We took him to the vet ER and he has kennel cough. The symptoms of kennel cough show up 8-10 days after exposure to an infected dog. Is it reasonable to ask that the breeder pay for the vet bill since our puppy obviously got it from one of her 13 dogs? Our puppy was never around any other dogs where he could have gotten it from, and even if he had the symptoms wouldn’t have shown up so soon. Advice? We paid 0 for the puppy and the vet bill was 5.
We have the vet records showing the first set of shots. Also take note the vet, along with all the websites, show that symptoms don’t develop until 8-10 days after contact with an infected dog. Our puppy is the only dog near our home. He has not gone anywhere NEAR another dog, as we’ve only had him a week. So it’s no question that he got sick from the breeder.

Also the breeder is the grandma of my husbands neice, on her dad’s side. I don’t expect to get a full refund of the vet bill. I would appreciate a refund of our puppy, but even 0 would be helpful.
Good grief people. I don’t plan on suing the lady, I was just simply asking whether it was reasonable to bring up the subject.

And yes, we can more than pay for our puppy, that’s not the point. We have had a dog before and know the costs involved. We would not have gotten into this without making sure we could handle the costs.

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