I got my dog the brodatella vaccine in august she wend to the boarder the begining of september and now three weeks later is seems she has a slight cough and it is only slightly worse at night. I don’t think it is bordatella since she just had her vaccine a month ago and when she got back she was fine for three weeks if anyone has any or knows any reason as to why this is happening that would be great. I also thought it might be rawhides she chews them up like candy amongst other things could she just have a little cold and not bordatella?? so many questions. thank you.
she is eating, drinking, pooping, peeing and playing the same no decline in the humping of my arm it really does not seem to bother her and it is usually at night and once or twice throughout the day i don’t know its weird. could it be a reverse sneeze?
and this is the second round of bordatella she has recieved and it was given via the nose

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