I am currently in the Army Reserves and have battle assembly once a month. I’ve also just recently moved to a new state and I don’t know anyone yet that can watch my dogs. So after doing thorough research on boarding facilities I found one I thought that was good but I turned out being disappointed. Before boarding my dogs I had their vaccinations renewed, which included the Bordetella vaccine. These vaccines were given 10 days prior to me taking them to the boarding facility. They only stayed there for 2 nights, and 2 1/2 days and still got Kennel Cough. I am upset with the facility but I’m wondering do I have the right to be? I never have boarded my dogs before so I’m not sure if Kennel Cough is something dogs always get after boarding or if this facility is to blame? Are there other things I can do to prevent kennel cough with my dogs in the future besides all the new vaccines they were just given?

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