A dog we wanted to adopt from the Humane Association is now on medical hold because of kennel cough (with a low grade fever). We would like to be educated as to whether or not we’ll be adopting a dog that can hopefully be healthy in the long term. My aunt has a lot of experience in dog training, and she says we absolutely shouldn’t get this dog–that dogs with kennel cough always have long-term respiratory problems, forever. This doesn’t seem to be in agreement with the research I have done. I was wondering what your thoughts are. He is also pretty thin. I have seen worse, but you can see his ribs at the moment. He may have been abused. Yet, he is sweet and friendly with people and other dogs, though seems a bit more subdued than one would expect of a dog his age (of course, he could’ve been sick when we observed this). Looking forward to your thoughts.
I appreciate the wonderful responses so far! Keep ’em coming! I just want to reiterate that the dog did have a low grade fever. I don’t know if that means it’s more serious than a "common cold" or not?

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