we recently adopted a puppy from the local pound and they sent him home on antibiotics with not much of an explanation why he was taking them. i took him to my vet 2 days later and by then he started a bit of a honking cough. well needless to say they gave him stronger antibiotics and he began to get well. now my 9 year old minpin is worse than the puppy was. she is going through the coughing and the runny and stuffy nose. at 1st we thought it was seasonal allergies so we started childrens bendryl. then i called the dr. and he put her on antibiotics. but now when she starts sneezing she gets nose bleeds. she has felt a bit feverish a couple days on and off, but the last sneezing spell she had, she wasnt warm at all.
she has to breath through her mouth cause her nose is cloggy….what do you think

Filed under: What is Kennel Cough?

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