I have adopted this 9 months old half German Shephard mutt from the street and it’s been 1 month since I’ve done so.
Today,in the morning,I saw him snorting,dry coughing and clearing the grate.I guess the problem is about his throat mostly and his nose.I couldn’t see anything wrong with the lungs yet.
I’ve looked up in wikipedia for kennel cough and the symptoms kinda resembles with his.
Could you please give me a broader information about kennel cough,the symptoms,how serious a desease it is and the treatment?Is it deadly?
Can it be something else?Another desease?Can it be allergy?
I’m feeling so down pls help me.
Hey I’m smart enough to take my dog the the VET . But it’s not possible for the next few days.Pls stop giving me false advice!!!

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