My 3 year old chihuahua has been having a real bad dry cough along with this constant sneezing. I took her to 2 different vets that thought she had kennel cough. They prescribed her 2-3 treatments of antibiotics each time along with dog cough syrup. She’s been in treatment for about 4 months now. They took it a step further and took x-rays and blood samples and all they can find is inflammation in her throat. Other than that, perfectly healthy. Her symptoms become mild with treatment but never go away. Each time she runs out of her medication she seems to worsen. This is going on the 5th month and Im not seeing her become healthier just, "maintained" so I can forever medicate my dog? Its coming to a point where this treatment is doing nothing for her. Is there a more natural solution to to curing my pet? Is it possible she’s having allergic reactions?

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