I picked both my dogs up from boarding this morning. They were boarded at the vet on Saturday and Sunday. My poodle is great but my Terrier mix has a small cough.

It didn’t really start until we got home so I’m almost wondering if maybe she just got all gagged up on the water, she was drinking it so fast.

Anyways I’m going to watch her today and if it keeps up I’m taking her to the vet.

They said at the vet she didn’t need the vaccine again until October 2. And that is when she had it last. So she is up to date.

So if the dog has had the KC vaccine. Can they still get KC.

Also what does the KC cough sound like?
Its not a constant cough just every once in awhile. She hasn’t coughed at all in the last 20 minutes. Would kennel cough start this way?
My grandparents dog died from Kennel Cough.

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