He had been vaccinated DA2PPC and neutered. They lied and said he was healthy. He was on a round of Albon when I got him, but she said it was something they gave to all the dogs just to be safe. I just believed her. He still has diarrhea. He has kennel cough and is taking amoxicillian. He has gained two pounds but you can still feel his ribs and backbone. Plus he made my dog sick who is now coughing and will now have to take amoxicillian. I will never get another dog from a shelter no matter how sorry I feel for it. Will this ever end? This 0 dog has ended up costing another 0 plus put my dog at risk. I would have been better off buying a healthy dog from a local breeder.

I disputed my credit card fee for this. I will not pay for it. How disgusting are shelters? This was at a pet store when they bring the shelter dogs in to adopt. Never again. This poor dog should have been put out of his misery before they ever started giving him vaccines and operations.
I didn’t take the dog back because I knew they would have killed it. It is disgusting that they allow sick dogs to go out and infect other dogs in the public though. The poor dog should have been destroyed if he was so ill not poked, prodded, neutered and put in a cage to suffer. He is gaining weight though which is good. But I never would have even considered getting him if I knew it would make my dog sick.

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