She went to the groomer and two days later she came back with a hacking cough. The only time when she hacks is when she is very excited and barking, or running around the back yard playing. She has all of her energy, her poo is normal, and she is still chowing down all of her food. I first noticed the coughing about 5 days ago and has not gotten much better or much worse in time. Do i need to take her to the vet? Are there other symptoms that i should look for?
Thanks to all of those who have responded. I have spoken with my vet, prior to posting and they said that until Skye shows worse symptoms, IE lethargic, not eating etc, they said that she doesnt need to come in.

Melissa, your comment about tracheal damage is very interesting, she wears a leash when she walks, and though she doesnt pull often, occationally she does. Maybe she has an infection . The groomer assured me they do not use a noose, but my concern is that she injured herself when walking on a leash, pulling. We have a non-neck leash however the vet recommended going back to the neck leash, as Skye has sensitive skin and the non-neck leash was causing painful skin rubbing.

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