She has been gagging/hacking all day as if she has something stuck in her throat, and a clear liquid has been coming out of her mouth- almost like she is drooling excessively. She still eats and drinks normally and her activity level is as fast paced as ever. I was just wondering if it could perhaps be something more serious, or is my own assumption of Kennel Cough a pretty sound one? How long until a dog begins to show symptoms after being exposed because the only time in recent memory she has been around other dogs was about a week or so ago at a dog park?

Also, could anyone recommend any home remedies? My vet is out of town, and my dog won’t let anyone else examine her. If it could potentially be very serious, I could muzzle her maybe.
I don’t know if this is important or not, she is a little over a year old, and a 10lb rat terrier mix.
Well, guess I’ll muzzle her and take her to the vet first hing tomorrow. The more I research kennel cough the more I doubt she has it, I think she might have a small object in her throat that I can’t see.

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