we rang the emergency vet the other day coz he was coughing almost like whooping cough and then gagging after. the day before he was coughing as if something was stuck in his throat. the bouts of coughin are always worst at night when hes layed down or if hes running round playing. anyway the vet said it wasnt an emergency and to take him on monday and that it sounded like kennel cough from what she could hear in the background.

ive heard that distemper can also cause coughing? what are the other symptoms of that please?

and can anyone suggest any natural remedies to help him til tomorrow? ive given him honey to soothe his throat, and ive been keeping him warm and snuggly. the vet at dogs 4 us suggested giving him calpol but didnt say wht amount, so does anyone know?. any advice at all would be very greatly appreciated i just want my poor pup to get some sleep tonight as he has been up coughin all last night. i really wanna ease his discomfort thanks
dissy, what a crap answer thanks for NOT helping at all

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