She is an 8 month old pup and her distemper and bordatella shots are up to date, the only thing she hasn’t gotten yet is her rabies shot. she will get that in june. Why is she sneezing and runny? She sleeps a lot as well. Her wellness vet appointment isn’t for another week and I don’t know much about dogs. I’ve heard that it’s safe to give dogs benadryl but I don’t know how much she weighs. I can just say that she stands with her back to my knees. And is average size for an 8 month old black lab. Any suggestions or advice? She doesn’t have the symptoms of kennel cough as described on the sites I’ve looked up. Not really coughing too much, although she does have a coughing fit late evening that sounds like she’s going to vomit. What do ya’ll think???

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