Initially she had fevers (105),anorexia,malaise. She received augmentin and within a week her apetite and energy returned . Within 4 weeks she was done shooting snot everywhere. However she still had a cough. 1 week we went back to the vet and had CXR. It showed a small area with increased inflammation. She was started on a fluroquinolone. Today her fever has returned. In addition her cogh has worsened. No rhinnorhea. No emesis. Stools are soft (but formed). Cough is productive with white phlegm ( inflammation). Sneezing has returned. I think she may have caught another virus because, holy cow if she has a bacterial infection on a fluroquinolone. What do you think? PS. I see no worms in her stool, and she had all of her deworming meds per the vet. last two days ago.

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