he is very sweet, and has obviously been abused. He plays with my dogs, and would make a great pet for someone. My problem is the SPCA near my house is not yet a no kill shelter. The ones that are no kill, you have to have a reservation, and they are so full they have to turn people away. I dont want him to be put to sleep just because he does not have an owner. I have 4 animals already and can not afford to take care of another. He also chases my cat which is another reason I can not keep him.

So what can I do to find him a good home? AND FAST

He seems to have
kennel cough from all of his symptoms. He needs to see a vet, but I can not afford to take him. I have to take my own in for shots for the kennel cough since they were exposed to
it and played with him. He also has not been fixed.

I am keeping him because I dont want him put down, but I cant have a sick dog that chases cats hang out at my house.

I am so torn, and need to find him a good home. Please help

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