I took her to the vet, and I was aware she did have the kennel cough. So it didn’t catch me by suprise when the vet told us. he reassured us she was going to be okay. Her nose is runny and its like she has a cold. She is not eating anything. The Vet, did say she was going to have a poor apetite. She does drink small amounts of water. We are going on our third day, with her. Any suggestions on what i can try to feed this puppy rottwiller. She wont even eat a hot dog, I tried to make her an egg. NOTHING. So how long can i let her go with out eating. Im just so worried about her. any tips??? Im a new dog owner.
I am giving her pedialyte. Im going to try to chicken and rice thing today. I had to give her a bath, she was full of urine and i dont know how long she had been sitting in it. (poor baby) it was warm water, and the sun was out, there was no cold air on her. I have her in the house. But she just wants to be outside, to run aside and cough. She pee’s a bit, and she pooped for us twice. (sorry to be so graphic) You can see her ribs, a bit. they said she was 3 months… At the vet she weighed about 13lbs. Shes not chunky at all : ( I wish she was. She was spayed at the dog pound, and they put a microchip in her. so she is also recovering from surgery. plus she is taking an antibiotic, more for the insicion though. She isn’t active at ALL! And i have her in a quiet area. Plus the humidifier is on at night with her. I just hope she recovers quickly.
Well its going on a week…AND SHE IS eating, Thank YOU!!! for all suggestions

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