yesterday he was eating but then started to be sick(3 times in the day) then this morning he wouldn’t eat and was sick again. we took him to the vet and he didnt have a temp, so they gave him an I.V. (i live in china and don’t really trust the vets) then they sent us on our way, he has been home for about 6 hours and no change, very weak and legs wobbly when we walks. he is happy with his tail wagging just very weak. he just wants to sleep and is not interested in food and drinks very little water. about 2 weeks ago he had kennel cough(again the vet just told us to let him stick it out with no medicine and didn’t say it was kennel cough. i guessed it was from what i know about it and the symptoms) but he has been fine for a little over a week now till yesterday. and advise? he also just stand with his nose on the floor not smelling just stands there. he hasent been sick since we came back from the vet, but then he hasent had food all day eather.
i took him to the vet again today, he had blood test. his blood , liver and kidneys are fine, but still wont eat, drink and is very wobbly when he stands. he is vomiting yellow frothy stuff(i think he is hungry) and just exhausted. he had a nother I.V today with a bunch of drugs and stuff to re-hidrate him as he now has not eat or drunk for 2 days now.

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