"Hey I have a yorkie named toby and he is 2 years old..I am very stressed and worried bc I love him more than anything. He is my child and I got him from a breeder and got his papers, I got him when he was 9 weeks and since he was in rhode island, they put him on a plane, so I picked him up from the airport and 3 days later I noticed he was coughing, right away I got scared and took him to the er vet, and they diagnosed him with kennel cough and put him on antibiotics..

anyway this past weekend he was coughing really bad on saturday on and off so I panicked and took him to the same er vet..They checked him vials and said his heart was ok lungs ok, took his temperature and weight..Hes 100% yorkie, 8 lbs. They took xray that indicated a collapsed trachea..I lost it when he said that 🙁 I asked him if it was serious he said it can be..but with treatment he should be okay..It also was inflamed. So they put him on prednasone and an antibiotic for his inflamation..He seems so much better and its only been 2 days, but I did alot of googling and researched it a bit 🙁 and got upset saw stories of their dogs dying from it and I just got soooooo upset..I started getting chest pains and I have trouble sleeping bc I can’t stop thinking about it. I also got rid of his collar and bought a harness..hes going back to the vet in 2 weeks for a recheck and I want to know your opinion? it also says many dogs with collapsed tracheas get heart disease? is that only if its not treated? Also do you think they checked his heart for heart disease? Do u think they had a good idea when they checked him? bc after seeing that they can have heart disease I panicked 🙁 is that only if its untreated as they get older? I also saw a site that has honey cough syrup and other stuff to help and heal his throat, and other natural stuf that I can give him wanted your opinion on it, but I will also ask the vet before I order any…So its normal that hell always have the cough right? You don’t think it will get worse as long as hes taking something right? I read that it can get so severe 🙁 and it scared me 🙁 I’m panicking here!! He is my life and I will do anything for him..He always loves to play and run but he needs to relax and take it easy from now on.

Heres the website..

I was wondering if I can also put him in a daily medicine to help? I was also wondering if you know if the bloodline and stuff with breeding was good or whatever they say when u get ur dog from a breeder? Do you think he will be okay? He is also not neutured..What should I do about that? Please get back to me asap 🙁 I love animals!! If I wasn’t so emotional sensitive about animals I would be a vetinarian..Animals are like our family..I appreciate any responses, anything that will help.Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!

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