so we took my brother’s dog for him, he took her and got her fixed and then she had to stay over at the vet, when she came back she started coughing and hacking up clear foam and all symptoms point to kennel cough. Well she started to get better and then one of our other dogs started to cough and then my other dog started to cough really bad today…my question is, what will happen if they all have kennel cough? will they just keep shedding the bacteria to each other or will it eventually wear off on all of them in the 3 months that the info i read said it would take for them to stop spreading it???(i have 4 dogs if that matters)
we are taking them to the vet. but i read that it can take months for vaccines to work. does anyone know how much antibiotics are for kennel cough?? as i said i have 4 dogs and i also know vets arn’t cheap

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