I went to a shelter today to adopt a cat. He is a year old and is beautiful, but is on hold because he is being treated for Bordetella with a 21 day antibiotic regimen. I noticed, however, that the shelter is extremely small and tight. I thought this was a dog disease, but, I am assuming that because it is a shelter, it may have been easy to get this disease. I also thought that they were supposed to separate animals being treated for kennel cough. This shelter is extremely small, however, so, it may be hard to actually isolate an animal. Would a cat this age be extremely compromised? I read really great reviews on this non profit animal shelter, but I just don’t want to bring home a sick cat that will die and break my heart.

What are the chances that the antibiotic treatment would be successful? Is he worth adopting?
I just want to add that it is true that cats CAN get Bordetella. If they are in crowded conditions, such as a shelter, they most certainly can. There are articles published by veterinarians that state this seems to be a more recent discovery.

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