I I rescued a HW+ dog from a shelter in GA. He also tested positive for erlichia. He was fostered for a week in a woman’s home with four other BC’s- she said he was fine while he was there and coughed only occasionally.

He was brought here via three volunteer pilots. He arrived yesterday, extremely thin, with a hacking cough. Occasionally he coughs up mucus out of his mouth and nose. The woman who fostered him took him to the vet three times- once for the initial shots and HW test, once for x-rays and bloodwork for heartworm treatment, and once for a cold that she said he had developed (was having problems with diarrhea and vomiting).

I have not had him vomit yet, but he still has diarrhea. The part that is worrying me most is the coughing- he can’t move much without coughing. When the vet looked at his x-rays, she said he clearly had a bit of asthma. I can only assume that this is heartworm related. I know heartworm also causes coughing (and that would probably explain why he is so thin).

He is seeing a vet at four today. I am wondering though if anyone might have any other ideas about what could be wrong with him. He seems to smell like pus when he coughs- could this be a URI? Possibly kennel cough as a result of receiving the Bordetella shot?

Is there anything else I should be paying attention to?
The dog is a Border Collie, about two or three years of age. He was running loose for two months.
Blunt object- I’m not sure where I’m putting a dog’s needs before a human’s needs….perhaps you could clarify?

I pulled this dog from a shelter. How could I know he had any disease? I’m not going to just throw him off to the side. I intend on keeping him- that is why I am willing to spend the money to help him. I have a responsibility for this dog now. Had I been some other person asking an ignorant question about "what is wrong with my dog" you would have told me to take him to a vet- which I am doing. Make up your mind.
Suzie- The dog hasn’t been treated yet. I only got him yesterday. He was pulled from the shelter a week ago.

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