I am fostering a dog, she has been with me for a week. She came to us from a shelter. How can i tell if she has kennel cough? She just started making some "hacking" type noises, no sneezing though. Is there a way I can determine that its not just something stuck in her throat and that it could be kennel cough? Also, has it been too long since she was at the shelter for her to start symptoms now?

I want to understand if that is the likely case before calling the foster coordinator I worked with. Once I call them they will determine if she goes to the vet.
I just wanted to add a bit more about what she sounds like. I have never heard a dog with kennel cough, but I know my other dog "hacks" sometimes if he has something in his throat. Thats what she has been doing, and then she gags a little sometimes.

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