I have a 4month old female pomeranian. She just had her THIRD vaccination
1st vaccine : dewormed & vaccinated (basic)
2nd : dewormed & vaccinated
3rd. dewormed, vaccinated, rabies & on kennel cough medication (she was caught with a small symptom of it)

the kennel cough medication is used the day after for appx 2 days then a week later she will have offical kennel cough shot

My dog also has puppy classes on sunday, and today she was shot on friday.. Do you think it’s a good idea for her to go? or skip this class and redo it again at another time? or is it okay? How long does it take for the shots to affect the dog’s system? a day?

ps : all pet’s at the training class are all vaccinated with certificate (up to date) ALL SHOTS puppy class from 3-6 months of age
note : my puppy training was talking to me over the phone before the first class started (it was inprivate cause I missed one) and she was anxious to see my dog’s medical record or to remind me to bring it.. I told her that I would get the shot on the same day as her first PRIVATE lesson (she will have access to other dogs in the lesson nexts class due to her late sign up)
note : she’s already sore

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