I started fostering for the HSPCA about a month ago. All of my animals (2 dogs, 2 cats) are fixed and up to date on their shots. Well, the other day, I noticed my chihuahua reverse sneezing a little more than usual. I didnt think anything of it. But that night it was worse. I brought him into the vet the next day due to the reverse sneezing and a watery clear nasal discharge. The vet does not think kennel cough, but he informed me that the dogs were not vaccinated for kennel cough. He is against over vaccinating dogs, which I knew, and since my dog for the past 5 years has not come into contact with other dogs, I agree that at the time bordetella was not necessary. Well, I didnt think about that when I started fostering. All I knew was my shots were up to date. I just didnt know I was missing some.

Anyway, so my vet does not think kennel cough. He put him on some antihistamines and said to keep an eye on him. follow up if there was a change in his condition. Well, they helped for a day or two, but they are not helping now. I called the vet and informed him that the antihistamines are not working as well anymore. Still no temp (100.8) … still just watery clear discharge from his nose and the backwards sneezing. No cough, no other symptoms. He is a rather sedate dog, so I cant tell you if he is listless or not. He is still eating fine. As a matter of fact, he perks right up when you bring out the moist food. You would never know he was sick. However, my other chihuahua is also displaying the same symptoms.

So the doctor sent me home with an antibiotics (Clavamox). I went home and gave them each a dose as instructed during lunch today. I hope they get to feeling better… now on to my question.

Since they were ill, how long should I wait before I vaccinate them for Kennel Cough. I ordered the vaccinations on line through Dr Smith and Foster. I got the nasal inhaler as my friend ( a vet clinic manager) suggested to start with the inhaler and then follow up in 2 weeks with the injectable kind. But, I dont want to compromise their health since they are already in a weakened state. I also ordered some 7 way vaccinations to administer my self (One of the dogs is due to have her vaccinations in November). I am comfortable giving subcutaneous injections and have instructions on exactly how to do so. I am formerly a nurse… so this should be easy. This way I know exactly what and when they were vaccinated. The only thing I will have to get at their yearly is rabies vaccination and the heartworm and fecal float.

Can anyone help me with a time frame that I can vaccinate them?
DeBunker – Well, I dont know what my vet thinks it is. I think he is more concerned about makeing sure it does not turn into pnuemonia. He gave me the antibiotics just in case. I dont know what he thinks it is, but antibiotics dont help bordetella… so I assume he still thinks it is not bordetella.

And why are 7 way vaccinations bad? I have not heard anything of the sort.
Well, normally I would be the way my vet is… as few vaccinations as possible, but since I am fostering animals, I want to make sure that my dogs stay healthy because the Lord only knows what they have and have been through. So, since I can bring diseases home without even knowing it, my dogs have to take priority. But with that being said, I still feel the need to help these other animals too if I can help it.

As for how they are doing, my little dog started getting ill too, so it is either an allergy or an illness that is being passed around. They sound HORRIBLE. But they have not lost their appetite, they also have not gotten a temp yet, also no coughing still, so I dont think it is a serious thing, but I still am keeping a close eye on them for sudden changes.

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