Our puppy was sick, coughing like crazy, when we got her, and our warranty was 15 days. We took her to our vet, since her coughing was terrible, and we told him how she was treated for kennel cough before we got her at the store, which they had told us was cured. He agreed that she was still sick, and wanted to treat her. The store had told us that they would only pay for services performed by their own vet, and to take her back to them if she needed anything. So we told our vet that, and he wrote them a letter diagnosing her and urging treatment.

So we took her back to the pet store, within three days of getting her, for the treatment. They told that they would have to have their vet look at her, and ending up keeping her for a week for observation. When we went to get her back, they told us that they had heard nothing and didn’t have to pay for any treatment. The thing is, one of the employees told us that she’d heard it when we were chatting with her during one of our visits during that week.

We have her now, and it’s been a month since then, and she still coughs every night. So my question now is, how do I go about getting that pet store shut down? This is in Connecticut. Is there an agency I need to report them to, or an organization that does that?

Thank you!
All Pets Club in Wallingford

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