My dog that i had for ten years passed away last week, my fiance and i adopted a puppy from our local humane society, only to end up with a sick puppy..we thought it was just kennel cough and took it to the vet today and found out there is a pretty good chance it could be distemper. When looking back on my forms from the humane society, my puppy had been there since march 11 and we adopted him march 21…he was there a whole ten days without any deworming, bordetella shot, or flea treatment. how is this at all humane? and my forms also state there will be no refund, but i can get another pet if this one dies…i don’t mind losing the 85$, but why would i want to go get another sick dog only to be saddened by its death once again?

how is that at all humane?

so pissed
my vet even said that these places are given the medicine to help these animals and said he would call himself to tell them what theyre doing is wrong. they are overpopulated but how can a dog be there for that long and just be shoved in a cage and fed? these dogs in shelters should all have a bordetella shot as soon as they come in. maybe they figured he’d been there ten days they rather not waste the medicine and just euthanize instead. not humane at all no matter how you look at it

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