Fawn & Brindle Great Danes on a Sun Deck Hang with Talking Horse. Thanks for looking & Have a Great Dane Day! Great Dane AKC Pups Blue, Fawn, Brindle, Black DNA profiled and Studs are OFA certified Vet-Checked and Micro-Chipped Parvo Shot/Wormed and Kennel Cough Medications 0 and up 417.267.3498 www.GreatDanes4U.com Live Web Cam with appointment! Blues, Fawns, Brindles, Blacks Quality Danes @ Reasonable Prices! Stock is DNA profiled, Studs are OFA certified. Born in the Home, Farm raised, NOT Caged or Kennel dogs! Socialized w/ kids & horses. Pups do NOT Pee or Pooh where they sleep or eat almost House Broke! All pups go Micro-chipped & Vet-Checked! Health Certificate & Health Warranty. 2 doeses of Kennel Cough Meds, + 3 Parvo Shots, (3rd with Lepto + Corona Vaccine) & Giardia Lamblia! Wormed weekly after 2 weeks w/ RidWorm, 6th week Ivermectin + 4 doses of Panacure. On 2 successive periods. Call: 417.267.3498 for LIVE web cam appointment or more information. See web site: www.GreatDanes4U.com for more photos & information.

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