I have a four year old min pin that I recently adopted. Well, more like rescued- He has ALOT of problems. But this has me shook! He did have kennel cough about a year ago. It was supposedly taken care of, but in the 6 months I have had him, he has a ton of congestion. The vet had him on antibiotics for a month straight. It worked as long as he takes the antibiotic, as soon as he quits it, hes sick again. He has really awful breath, chest congestion, runny nose, crusty eyes, and a hacking/gagging problem. I have taken him off the antibiotics, as they are expensive & not good on a continuous basis, and started him on probiotics for 2 weeks now. I am open to any suggestions to help my little guy. He has had a BAD life, & my only goal is to help him feel better & know what a good life is all about. I dont have alot of money & truly just trust all natural over prescription meds. Thanks for any help or knowledge that you can share.

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