this place is in rural PA…its called jacks dog farm:

here are some reviews:

by huckleberry

I bought two dogs from jack’s dog farm this past February. Their living conditions were pretty awful and even with all their fur, the barn they stay in was freezing and filty. I had heard horror stories about the place and decided that I wanted to rescue a dog from there instead of the SPCA. I was so taken back by the way these animals were being treated that I ended up taking home two beautiful blue heeler/eskimo mix puppies. Both puppies had it pretty rough at first, they were treated for bronchitis, kennel cough, and went months trying to fight off pancreatitis, the list goes on and on. They also have very weak stomachs and experience vomiting and diarrhea on a weekly basis even with no change in their diets. My motivation for writing this review is to try and contact anyone who has also adopted the other puppies from this litter. Although my puppies are now seeing better days, I wanted to find out any information on the health status of their siblings. If any other owners are experiencing these similar health issues with this particular litter from jack’s, please send me a comment. They were born on November 19th, 2007 and are currently nine months old. Jack’s obviuosly isn’t the ideal place for most families to adopt a dog, but if your wanting to save a puppy from illness and neglect then I actually recommend it. There are tons of puppies there who could really use a loving home and family.

I have to say we bought a purebreed collie from Jacks back in 1992 he lived to 12 years of age with no problems but when I went back there last summer to look for a new yellow lab I was VERY sadden at the way the pups were treated!! He picks them up by the scruff of their neck and tossed them to my 10 and 12 year old children like they were a bean bag. My 12 year old almost dropped the pup and they looked so scared to be held!! I felt bad for the pup really!! I asked which one’s were females in the litter and his responce was "I don’t know look for yourself!!" That shocked me even more!!. Not professional at all!! He charges 0 for a lab and they get this kinda treatment!! Does not say much for Jacks and if you are charging that much you better give me into on the parents like backround and photos!! Go on the pups come from breeders that home raise them and most of the time the parents are on the property so you can see them. I got my AKC yellow lab for 0 on there. She is now 11 months old and doing well. You can even put in what state you live in and find whatever breed you want that way. I will not buy from Jacks ever again as I was not happy with the way he handles his dogs. Very uncaring and acts like this is a business only!!!

by robynroolz2

I went to look at puppies on 09/08/2007. It was a pretty hot day and a lot of the dogs were panting with many looking lethargic. I was completely horrified to see that more than half HAD NO WATER! Now i know its difficult to keep up with every puppy as soon as they knock over water, etc…but this was just too many to be the case. These animals are not being properly cared for. I would suggest going anywhere but this place for a puppy! Animals are treated much better at shelters!!

by Kayla Goodwin

sickning: We have adopted a puppy here, and know a lot of other people who have adopted a puppy from here. All the dogs had "problems" and had to be put down or given away because of such bad inbreeding and living conditions. The guy who we had purchased the dogs was rude and acted like they were just objects for money. The place was dirty and the puppies were kept in small wire cages with like four puppies a pen.

I think thats nuff said
ok just making sure lol i reported it to my local animal shelter and to the pspca!!
actually some people had hip dysplasia within a few months after they bought them

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