I have a 6 yr old black lab who was recently diagnosed with heartworms. He was on revolution that was suppossed to repel mosquitos, fleas and such. he has been on revolution since he was old enough for flea treatment. i got this news when he went to the vet for a broken leg. My daughter let him out when he jumped the fence and got hit by a car. his leg is also broken but it is a clean break and the vet said it will heal just fine. i have been following up on the slow kill method as well as the other treatment to heartworms. with his leg being broken he doesnt use the leg a lot now but i cant see him being crated for that long of a time. the vet also told me that due to his age he may not come out of the treatment alive. i am leaning more towards the slow kill method but i havent seen any type of success rate with this type of treatment and the vet cant give me anything either. i have tried to call 2 different vets and they are against the slow kill method and say the only method thats guaranteed to work is the aggressive treatment. they also said that yes it is very likely dakota will die in the process. it seems that i am screwed either way i go. i do know that if he does become HW free I will get him on heartgard as well as flea med. does anyone have any advice for me as to where i can go now? my last resort is putting him down and since he has been mine since he was 2 months old i dont want to go that route. please no rude comments as the only thing wrong with him since i have had him is kennel cough. he has been in surgery before when he was fixed and he almost didnt come out of that alive. please help….
** the vet didnt give me a number all she said was chances are he isnt going to make it through it. it may be pretty bad. but it just happened in the last 6 months. he was tested in august when he got updated on his shots again. he gets his shots in the week of august 10th. his date for shot updates is the 12th as i have to get him regestered with the city and have to prove he has had his rabies. he came out negative then. and he was on revolution because the vet i was taking him to said it would work fine. and for the past 5 years it has.

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