Hi all:

I have an 8-1/2 year old Israeli Canaan male dog.

He started coughing about a year or so ago maybe about once a week. For the past three weeks or so he’s been doing it about two or three times a week – just one cough (or like something is stuck in his throat) once a day, three times a week, and last week he did it a couple of times during the night.

He was also panting a lot last week.

He is also itchy, but he doesn’t scratch, rather he ‘bites’ at himself with his front teeth maybe about three of four times a day, but he has no fleas, no signs of fleas, or rashes at all.

The vet gave him antibiotics and cough medicine (for kennel cough) which he has been on for about four days and the panting has pretty much stopped unless he’s been running or something, but the itching has continued, and yesterday I didn’t give him the cough medicine just to see what would happen (since I don’t believe it is kennel cough) and sure enough he coughed twice last night.

He tested negative for heartworms; he eats 2 times a day, and he eats well (although he farts sometimes and they are pretty stinky) and although occasionally he seems a little lethargic, he seems in good spirits.

Lastly, he is pretty aggressive with people he doesn’t know, and the vet I normally take him to just sold his practice to another vet and they had difficulty examining him so a thorough exam was impossible, although they did listen to his heart and lungs (and did the heartworm test and brought him current on his vaccinations) and say they (heart and lungs) sound fine.

He’s always been very healthy so I am pretty concerned. Does anyone have any ideas of what may be wrong?



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