What is the average age a dog will get heart worm??? I have a 2 yr old dog that is very HYPER and happy but he has a cough that sounds like a cat with a fur ball. He went to the vet last weekend to get kennel cough treatment( 2 injections and antibiotics) but he is still coughing. He had his heart worm tablets 3 months ago and is due to get more but should i give him the tablets if he might possibly have heart worm…Please dont say go to the vet as atm i cant afford it and was wondering if i can give the heart worm treatment now and he wont die of a heart attack if he actually has heartworm. I dont think he does because at the moment he is very active like normal and he only has a cough that occurs about once every two days so its not often he has it. He only recently got this cough and do you think that this might be because of the change in season ( its spring in australia ) thanks !!! will deffinetly choose best helpful and not rude answer!!!
I give my dogs REVOLUTION and you give it every 3 months

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