We recently found out my beagle Buddy has heart worms.
And the worms are already adults. So he got the first dosage of treatment when he was at the vet for a couple days.
Today he was supposed to get the rest. But when I went to the vet they said that they couldn’t give him the medicine because he has kennel cough.
He was coughing pretty bad before, and they said it was because of the heart worms, but now they suddenly realize that it’s because of the kennel cough?
I’m having trouble trusting my dog in their hands if they couldn’t realize this a little while ago.

Anyways, since he has hear worms and kennel cough, how much danger is his life in?
They said with the heart worm medicine it would be a 95% chance of him coming through just fine.
But now they wouldn’t give him the rest of the medicine, plus now he has kennel cough.
I’m pretty worried for him.
Any advice?

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